June 25, 2021

Cataract Awareness Month – Emily’s Story

As a part of June – Cataract Awareness Month – we are sharing a story from Cataract Kids Australia about Emily.

Cataracts are much rarer in children and babies but can be incredibly devastating for sight if not detected early enough in the development of the eye.

Gorgeous Emily, now two years old, was born happy and healthy. When she was around 4 or 5 months old, mum Ashlee noticed Emily’s right eye was a little lazy, and at 6 months mentioned this during a routine appointment. Ashlee was told that she could either get a referral to an eye specialist or wait and see. Thankfully, she got a speedy referral and Emily was diagnosed with a cataract in her eye,
requiring immediate surgery to save her sight.

Mum Ashlee says “When the ophthalmologist said Emily has a juvenile cataract in her right eye I first asked ‘What’s that exactly?’ I knew it was something old people got, right..? When the ophthalmologist explained it to me I started to cry.”

If it wasn’t for her observant mum Emily would have lost her vision. Now that her cataract has been removed, Emily wears a patch over her left eye for several hours each day to strengthen her right eye and try to make up for that crucial development lost. Thanks to the surgery, her future for good vision is bright – and Ashlee wants to share Emily’s story so that other parents know to trust their judgement.

“If your baby has a lazy or wandering eye, or you are worried that something isn’t right with their vision, definitely get it checked out – don’t wait,” says Ashlee.

To learn more about cataracts in children and babies head to Cataract Kids Australia.

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