March 25, 2023

Autumn Update

Autumn has arrived!

Don’t miss out on witnessing the vivid colours of the season as trees turn red, orange and gold before your eyes. Watch the change of hues in high definition by maintaining good eyecare throughout the autumn months.

Autumn Update - Canterbury Eyecare

Exposure to environmental changes, like a drop in temperature, can affect the eyes and their tear production. Tears play an essential part in protecting your eyes and keeping them healthy, so it’s important to understand the three different types of tears and their unique role:

Basal tears

These act as a shield between your eye and the rest of the world.

Reflex tears

These are formed as a response to irritants like dirt and debris.

Emotional tears

These tears are triggered by strong feelings.1

If you’re experiencing reduced tear production and dry eyes this Autumn, ask us about the different types of artificial tears we have available!

Autumn Update - Canterbury Eyecare

Typically, allergy season is associated with spring, pollen and being outside, but did you know allergies can occur all year round and aren’t exclusive to the outdoors?

As the milder weather rolls in, it may be tempting to stay inside, but spending prolonged periods indoors can trigger what’s called perennial allergic rhinitis. Perennial allergic rhinitis may be caused by anything from dust mites, to pet dander to other environmental allergens at work or home.2

If this is something you suffer with, visit us in practice to discuss how we can help manage your ocular symptoms. We can also collaborate with your GP to get you the best overall treatment.

Autumn Update - Canterbury Eyecare

In this day and age, we rely on digital devices more than ever before; but viewing a computer or digital screen for lengthy periods often makes the eyes work harder.

Spending too much time in front of the screen may cause discomfort, blurry vision, headaches, dry/watery eyes, neck pain and even migraines or nausea.3

All these symptoms can have a direct impact on your productivity and quality of life. Fortunately, there have been numerous advances in the technology around lenses for digital screens that can help alleviate some of these issues.

If you’re spending hours in front of the screen every day, talk to us about spectacles designed to help reduce the effects of digitally induced eye strain!

Autumn Update - Canterbury Eyecare
Autumn Update - Canterbury Eyecare
Autumn Update - Canterbury Eyecare



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1. Protect your eyes and the skin around them from harmful UV rays with sunglasses, a hat and sunscreen. UV damage can lead to cataracts,

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