March 1, 2024

Our new dry eye treatment device – Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

For some time now we have been embracing the breadth of management options for dry eye disease considering how prevalent the condition is. Adding an IPL device to our range of treatment options was a natural next step. At the recent O=MEGA23 World Congress of Optometry conference we explored the range of IPL devices on the market and shortly after decided on the c.Stim device, from leading Australian ophthalmological company Ellex/Lumibird Medical.

For some time now IPL has been established as a leading in-practice treatment for dry eye and is safe and minimally invasive. The treatment itself consists of a brief set of light flashes to the upper cheek and temples, repeated over 4 sessions. It also has an added bonus of reducing inflammation of the skin and eyelids.

In the few months of using the device we have had overly positive results. After conducting a small study,  92% of our patient’s felt an improvement in dry eye post treatment, one patient even saying it was a ‘life changing experience’. Overall, most patients’ post-treatment find they no longer need to use lubricating drops as frequently, some forgetting to use them all together.

For more information about IPL follow this link to our IPL information page, or book an appointment with one of our Optometrists.

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