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April 3, 2024

Autumn Update

Autumn Update - Canterbury Eyecare

With the leaves going from green to red and the winds changing from warm to cool, Autumn is natures very own makeover! Why not draw inspiration and give your eyewear a transformation too?

Autumn Update - Canterbury Eyecare

Ever wondered why some colours leave you looking tired while others give you a vibrant glow? Wearing the recommended colours for your skin tone will not only enhance your complexion, but also give you a younger, healthier appearance.
Follow these guidelines to find your colour ‘season’!

Autumn Update - Canterbury Eyecare
Autumn Update - Canterbury Eyecare

As we approach our mid-forties and onwards, our eye’s ability to switch focus between long and short-distance declines. This condition is called presbyopia and naturally occurs in most people. Presbyopia most often affects a person’s ability to read things held within arm’s length.
Most people believe that once they experience presbyopia, the only solution is to wear reading glasses, which can be a bit of a hassle if you already have an existing prescription. That’s where your secret weapon comes in: multifocal lenses.
Multifocals allow you to manage multiple tasks with ease, as they seamlessly adjust for clear vision at both near and far distances. This gives you the convenience of using a single pair of glasses for all your needs. There are lots of different multifocal lenses available, each with distinct features tailored to accommodate your lifestyle, prescription, and individual visual requirements.

Autumn Update - Canterbury Eyecare

As Autumn sets in with its falling leaves and cooler temperatures, it brings along a mix of debris and condensation that can impact the clarity of your lenses. Ensuring your eyewear stays in good condition throughout the year requires regular maintenance and cleaning.
Follow these straightforward tips to preserve your eyewear:

Gentle Cleaning
Wipe away dust and smudges with a soft, lint-free lens cloth. Avoid using tissues or rough fabrics to prevent scratches on your lenses. A microfibre clearning cloth is a great option.
Stubborn Stains
Spray both sides of your lenses with a specialist lens cleaner and gently rub with a lens cloth. Using a lens cleaner is a great option to make sure your lenses are streak-free, as there’s no need to dry them off afterwards.
Protective Storage
Never place your glasses in your pocket or bag uprotected. Follow the rule that glasses should only ever be ‘on your face or in the case’.

If any of these steps are unclear, talk to our team at Canterbury Eyecare about the best way to clean your glasses, and to pick up a lens cleaning cloth!

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