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March 20, 2021

Beauty & Eyecare: Part 3 – Optometrist Laura on Beauty IQ Uncensored Podcast

Caring about your eyes extends to the skin around your eyes too. This month we have explored anti-aging skincare, make-up and cosmetic procedures around the eye. In part 1 of this series of blog posts we explored anti-aging skincare, click here to read, and in part 2 we explored make-up and cosmetic procedures, click here to read. For our final post of this series listen to our Optometrist Laura chat on a beauty podcast!

Laura Carson, one our our Optometrists, was interviewed by Joanna Fleming and Hannah Furst on the Adore Beauty Beauty IQ Podcast, which only recently had 2 million downloads! They interviewed Laura for an Optometrists’ take on skincare, beauty and the factors to consider with eyecare.

Optometrist Laura Carson from Canterbury Eyecare has done some research, and she joins us to chat about what is and isn’t recommended for us around the eyes when it comes to skincare and makeup products. We learn there’s a specific makeup technique we’ve been doing that can actually lead to irritation.

Beauty IQ Uncensored Episode 75

Wondering what the make-up technique is they talk about on the podcast is? Listen to Laura from 16.08 below to find out.



Interested to learn more? Visit Laura, book an appointment.

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